He and Tommy then returned to their spot at their bench to listen to Mellohi and replicate on the events of the day. They have been joined by Dream in a brief second of peace earlier than the following chapter, and Tubbo acknowledged that he would dedicate nearly all of his attention to the reconstruction of L’Manberg. Afterwards, Tubbo regrouped with Tommy in his tunnel and the two of them returned to Pogtopia to search out Wilbur, Technoblade, and Niki, who had come again with Wilbur. At Wilbur’s urging, Tommy challenged Techno to a fight, indignant at him for having killed Tubbo, but ended up dropping fairly quickly.

Tubbo, also known as Tobias Smith is a well-known YouTuber as well as a Twitter streamer who’s initially from the United Kingdom. He joined YouTube on 14th May 2018 and has uploaded over 80 videos. Just like his lover, he streams on many various platforms and joined Dream SMP to actively participate in Minecraft.

During the Manberg Festival, Tommy introduced it with him and when he was killed, it was taken from him by an unknown one that put it in a random chest. On the 28th of November 2021, Sam approached Ranboo and arrested him underneath unusual situations. It later turned out Sam had told Ranboo that he had Michael, This meant that Ranboo felt compelled to cooperate. Technoblade had been engaged on rescuing Dream already and through a stakeout he noticed Sam escorting Ranboo into the prison. Techno, Phil, and Niki staged a rescue, and Ranboo lost his ultimate life.

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With time, their love grows and the couple became extra close to each other. Ranboo aka RanbooLive is an America-based Twitch streamer, YouTuber & social media personality. He is well-known for streaming Minecraft on his Twitch channel. So far, he has earned more than three million followers on Twitch. Also, he has millions of followers throughout numerous social media platforms with over ten million followers combined.

When Sneeg and Fundy began a dispute over sapling theft, Tubbo joined Sneeg’s side and killed Fundy. Tubbo showed subsequent concern about Techno’s loyalty concerning his destruction of the detonation button. His religion in him was partially restored after the reveal of his bunker, and so they fought with each other in the course of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, but their relationship shortly plummeted again to unfavorable as quickly as Tubbo was appointed president. Looking for answers Phil and Niki have been hesitant to provide, Techno determined to go to Tubbo within the hopes of getting some clearer responses. They met up in Snowchester, the place Tubbo first lied to Techno about their relationship and prevented the query of who Michael was, so Techno revealed that Ranboo had died and confirmed Tubbo the picture. Tubbo was silent for a while and at last confirmed Techno Michael’s bed room.


Upon learning that Tommy had traded his discs to Dream in change for L’Manberg’s independence, however, he celebrated together with his fellow L’Manbergians. He signed the Second Declaration of Independence, “Decree,” and was appointed the Secretary of State for the Soot Administration. Tommy later declared him as his right hand man, making him L’Manberg’s third in command since Tommy was the Vice President beneath Wilbur. Mr. Beets is a man who is obsessed with beetroots, to the point of beginning a beet cult. He, along with Sam and Foolish, turned the land freed up by removing L’Targay into a large beetroot farm and deliberate to presumably make the farm prolong up to the Community House. There can be apparently a Council, evoking similarities to PewDiePie’s Minecraft sequence, which additionally had a beetroot faith and a Council of Beet.

While this doubtless drove a slight wedge between them, Tubbo seemingly did not care very a lot since L’Manberg was gone either method, although it led to him not trusting Fundy as much. Squeeks was killed after being blown up by a creeper whilst Tubbo was transporting him to Snowchester. Squeeks went missing and was assumed to be useless after Doomsday, but he had actually been rescued beforehand by Ranboo who delivered him to Tubbo and Tommy’s home. On January sixteen, 2021, Tubbo gave the crossbow to Tommy while they have been getting ready for the Disc Confrontation. It was one of many few objects of his that Dream did not blow up prior to getting into his vault, and Tommy used it to take Dream’s second canon life. It had been in Tommy’s possession until he died whereas taking down Ponk’s Lemon Tree, and best hookup sites when Sam Nook recovered Tommy’s objects the crossbow was not there.

He threatened to construct his partitions up to the block restrict and enclose the whole nation if Tommy was not brought to justice. Anxious to fulfill him, Tubbo held a trial for Tommy by which he was found guilty and non-canonically executed, but Dream insisted that it was not enough. He reiterated his risk, this time stating that if Tommy was not exiled within three days, he would comply with by way of. Tommy attempted to regain the benefit by utilizing Spirit’s remains as a bargaining chip, however it solely served to anger Dream additional, and he yelled that he’d misplaced attachment for every little thing except the discs, as these have been what gave him management. After Dream had gone, Tubbo was offended with Tommy, and the two of them broke right into a bitter argument over what their next course of action ought to be. Tommy later attempted to make it as much as him with a gift of several potions (made with assist from Ghostbur, Sapnap, and ConnorEatsPants), but Tubbo was not eager on making amends until the decision had been decided.

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In the end, the 2 groups with essentially the most points face off in a spherical of ‘Dodgebolt’ to determine the winner of the match. This makes it potential for a team to win regardless of probably having fewer points than the runner-up. On January 27, 2022, he performed the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft for the first time on-stream after him and his associates reacted to PotatoPie25’s video about Pixel Paradise, and has talked about how dangerous the server is. Potato and Tar1a later joined his Twitch chat and talked with him for a few hours.

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Tubbo was thrilled to see him and their relationship has most likely gotten considerably better since. While working with the Butcher Army, Tubbo broke into Phil’s house and threatened him for the placement of Technoblade’s house. Phil, nevertheless, stood his ground and refused to reveal particulars. Tubbo discovered a compass leading to Techno’s house in Phil’s possession and stole it, inserting Phil on house arrest for treason. This considerably tarnished their relationship, and it was only worsened after Philza later mocked him for allowing Techno to flee and Tubbo shot at him with his crossbow.