They can be extra instantly differentiated by voice within the first two -kun anime variations, although not all of them are always name-dropped. The other four Matsuno brothers are seen enjoying various sorts of girls all through Tokyo, who turn out to be recruited into the BANANA service. Only the names of Osomi and Jyushimi can be confirmed, and Jyushimi appears to be a re-use of Jyushiko’s preliminary lighter-skinned design when she is proven as an idol. Otherwise, the other girls’ designs are totally different from any previous “Girlymatsu” looks or different roles as women.

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Choromatsu winds up being curious and going forth, and the two wind up making out with each other to the shock of all the rest. After Chibita wonders what happened to the relaxation of the -kun solid, it’s revealed that all the brothers (plus their parents) died on March 6, 1970, from consuming poorly-made fugu. In the final chapter of the book, Osomatsu (as nicely as an unidentified brother shown briefly) continues to be taught more about the future of human sexuality, even getting to awkwardly witness the existence of affection fotostrana ru dolls and sex robots.

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His last look has him, one other brother, Chibita, and Hatabo develop cavities from once they eat chocolate given to them by a chocolate-themed kaiju. An early story includes Ataro and Batsugoro meeting the sextuplets, who help them foil a financial institution robbery. Though they are portrayed in a extra heroic alignment in that instance, their cameos in the later crossover stories “Extraordinary Castle” and “The Time of Ishimatsu Mori” depict them in the bit roles of henchmen.

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The next skit meant to chronologically fall afterwards, “It’s a Birthday Party, da jo”, exhibits the Virgin Hero fits being frolicked to dry after the plot. Due to the re-arrangement of the skits, this is now merely a separate nod to its existence. Three of the brothers, together with their father, are shown to be a half of a police force unit in a chapter.

Matsushima carried over to the second album, however the remainder of the sextuplets have been recast and split amongst Makiko Ito, Hiromi Yamagishi, and Kazuko Yoshikawa. None of these actresses can be cast for the ensuing anime collection, though Yamamoto wound up making it back into the solid. The first sonosheet for the -kun sequence would have Osomatsu portrayed by the actress Minori Matsushima. The different five sextuplets had been split among the many actresses Keiko Yamamoto, Tomoko Sayama, and Tomono Mitamura, with no particular person credit said for each of them.