The right tools for a board meeting can help make them more efficient, productive and strategically focused. There are a variety of free digital tools that can enhance meetings and boost productivity of teams.

The first tool you should consider is an online collaboration platform that is visual. Products such as Mural, Stormboard and iObeya are all great solutions for running real-time brainstorming sessions during board meetings. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with other tools. These tools are simple to use and great for brief sessions.

For long-lasting sessions, a good option is to use a whiteboard program such as Boardable or Fellow. These programs let members mark up the whiteboard using laser pointer and annotation tools during a meeting. They also include an export feature that makes it easy for sharing of documents and a range of different layouts that you can choose from.

A board portal that has built-in survey functionality is a great way to gauge meeting effectiveness. It provides immediate feedback, and helps identify areas that could be improved. Board chairs or administrators can then take action to implement improvements to ensure better results.

Boardable is a cutting-edge software solution for board meetings that can transform complicated, inefficient and time-consuming processes. Its advanced features speed up meetings and empower board members to focus on the most crucial aspects of the process such as making decisions and setting impactful goals.

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