From elaborate fashions to age-old rituals of commitment, there are many ways that couples incorporate factors with their Latin customs into their wedding. Coming from announcing wedding and reception party with padrinos to el lazo, these kinds of traditions are certain to make your special day even more specialized.

In lots of Latin cultures, marriage rings are certainly not exchanged until the few is officially married. This tradition is very prevalent in Chile and Argentina. It is also common for both the groom and bride to up grade their engagement bands to gold kinds on their wedding.

Customarily, most Latinx weddings can not have a traditional bridal party with bridesmaid and groomsmen, but instead a group of individuals called the padrinos. Typically married themselves, the padrinos are picked by the few as distinctive mentors for their marriage. During the formal procedure, they present the couple with las arras, gold coins that symbolize the blessing and luck inside their new lifestyle together.

While some of customs vary based on country, one thing that every Latin American culture comes with in common is the love for dynamic celebrations and a deep appreciation for family and friends. So whether you would like ideas to use in your private wedding or just want to learn even more about these exciting rituals, we have rounded up 11 Latin wedding ceremony traditions that are guaranteed to inspire you.

It would be trendy now to send your guests house with doughnuts, but the traditions dates back hundreds of years in Latin America. During la hora loca (Spanish designed for Crazy Hour), the equipment and lighting dim and noise-makers come out. Ballet dancers and performers enliven the room with a wild celebration that can last as long as three tunes!

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