Amendment XIX (19th Modification – Ladies’ Suffrage Rights)

NOTE: 18th Modification repealed from the 21st Modification Point 1.

Ideal out of owners of You to help you vote should not be refused or abridged from the United states otherwise from the one State on account of intercourse.

Amendment XX (20th Modification – Terms of Chairman, Vice-president, People in Congress: Presidential Vacancy)

1: This new terms of the newest Chairman and you can Vice-president should prevent during the noon on the twentieth day of January, in addition to regards to Senators and you can Agencies from the noon into three-dimensional day of January, of the decades in which instance words will have ended in the event the this informative article was not ratified; while the terms of its successors will after that begin.

2: This new Congress will assemble one or more times in just about any 12 months, and you will for example meeting should start within noon into the three-dimensional day regarding January, until they shall by law designate a unique day.

3: If the, at that time repaired towards start of the identity regarding the brand new President, the new President elect should have ended, the newest Vice president choose shall be Chairman. If a creator will n’t have come chosen till the time repaired to your start of their label, or if the newest President elect shall have failed so you’re able to be considered, then your Vice president decide shall act as President until a Chairman should provides certified; and also the Congress may by-law provide for possible by which neither a president decide neither a vp decide should features licensed, saying just who should after that try to be President, or the way that individual who will be to work will getting chose, and you can for example individual shall work appropriately up to a founder or Vice Chairman should keeps certified.

4: The newest Congress get by-law provide for the situation of the loss of all persons regarding exactly who the house out-of Agents may choose a founder when the best preference shall enjoys devolved through to them, and also for the case of new death of all persons out-of who the fresh new Senate may favor a vp if in case best of preference shall has actually devolved upon him or her.

5: Areas 1 and you can dos will begin working towards 15th big date regarding Oct adopting the ratification on the blog post.

6: This article will be inoperative except if they will were ratified just like the a modification into Constitution by the legislatures out of around three-fourths of your multiple States contained in this eight many years from the day of the submitting.

Amendment XXI (21st Modification – Repeal away from eighteenth Amendment)

2: The fresh transport otherwise importation for the any Condition, Region, otherwise fingers of the All of us for beginning or explore therein away from intoxicating liquors, during the solution of the laws thereof, is hereby blocked.

3: This article is inoperative unless they shall was ratified due to the fact a modification towards the Structure of the events from the numerous Says, once the considering regarding Composition, contained in this 7 many years regarding date of your own distribution hereof so you can this new Claims because of the Congress.

Modification XXII (22nd Modification – Presidential Period)

1: No one are going to be selected to be hired of Chairman more than twice, no person who keeps kept any office regarding Chairman, or acted since President, for more than 24 months from a phrase that certain other person was select President should be opted to focus of President over and over again. But this informative article should not apply at any individual holding new work environment off Chairman when this blog post is recommended because of the Congress, and you can should maybe not prevent people who is carrying the fresh new workplace away from President, or becoming Chairman, when you look at the name in this hence this short article becomes operative off holding the office of President or acting as Chairman inside the rest of these identity.

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