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TESOL Seminar in 2nd Language Acquisition

Dates: 20-23, 2016 Location: Chongshin University, Seoul, South Korea Tuition non-credit: $300 USD june

Seminar Explanation:

This seminar that is 4-day prepare people with the foundational understanding and skills needed seriously to participate in TESOL (training of English to Speakers of Other Languages) as Christian ministry. It provides building an awareness of 2nd language purchase through experiential discussion and learning. The text between language and culture can also be addressed and talked about, with application to classroom that is real. The content that is third in this seminar is TESOL as Christian ministry, having a focus is on developing TESOL Ministry methods that emphasize language learning effectiveness, and integrity of ministry. Through the entire seminar, individuals will experience, talk about and practice numerous training methods that foster both language purchase and ministry.

If you want to submit an application for ACSI (Association of Christian Schools Overseas) or CSI (Christian Schools Global) Continuing Education devices (CEUs):

All individuals with complete attendance and participation will get a document of conclusion which will be eligible for a 5 ACSI or CSI CEUs.

If you want to get three graduate credits with this seminar:

Qualified participants, who spend graduate credit tuition and charges, enroll by June 1, and complete assignments that are follow-up make 3 of this 12 credits into the Graduate TESOL Certificate Program at Messiah university. pupils could also desire to carry on and complete the 33-credit Master of Education in TESOL. See admissions demands and applications right right here. For more information, contact Jan Dormer at.

This seminar precedes the Christians in English Language training (CELT) Global Conference planned for 24-25, 2016 in Seoul june.

Refunds are determined in line with the time and date of this cancelation demand. Registration cancelation demands needs to be submitted to . Occasion individuals who cancel prior towards the begin of a meeting will get the full reimbursement for the occasion enrollment charge(s) compensated, less the deposit that is nonrefundabledescribed below).

The initial $50.00 of all of the enrollment charges is really a deposit that is nonrefundable. This fee is needed to cover occasion registration processing and fees that are administrative Messiah College. Hardly any other nonrefundable costs are needed ahead of the beginning of the seminar.

Registration Cancellation following the start of Seminar

In cases where a participant cancels their enrollment after a meeting starts Datemyage, no refunds should be released.


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