The new Bell Witch Cavern was good karst cavern situated in Adams, Tennessee, close the spot where the Bell Ranch just after stood

Without a fundamental piece of the initial registered legend, the latest Bell Witch Give in the new 20th 100 years turned a resource off carried on attract, religion, and you will age bracket out-of lore. Latest aesthetic perceptions eg into the film and audio provides offered the arrived at of legend outside of the local boundaries of one’s Southern area Us.

Brand new cavern is roughly 490 foot (150 yards) enough time. New cave is actually privately possessed, and you may tours are offered during the summer weeks along with October.

Which cavern might have been regarding the haunting of Bell Witch, a period of time during which the fresh Bell relatives try allegedly haunted of the an organization now described as the brand new “Bell Witch.” The brand new cave is based for the property immediately following owned by new Bell members of the family. Of numerous accept that when the witch departed the household, she fled to the retreat associated with cavern.

On the version of legend where cavern are checked, young Betsy Bell and some from the lady family choose to go to talk about the newest cavern. Because they are there, among the many boys crawled for the a gap and you may turned into caught. A sound cried out, “I shall score him out!” The newest son considered hand gripping their ft, in which he is drawn out from the gap. The heading organization (nevertheless invisible), following provided the students explorers a great lecture for the reckless cave investigating

Black Annis

Black Annis, known as Black colored Agnes, is a boogeyman contour when you look at the English folklore. This woman is official website considered haunt the brand new country out-of Leicestershire, located in a cave-in the newest Dane Hills, with an oak tree at its access.She supposedly fades on the glens at night shopping for unsuspecting people and you can lambs to eat, after that tanning the peels because of the clinging them to the a tree, just before using him or her to the girl sides. She would arrived at in to the households so you can genitals anyone. Legend keeps it one she used the girl iron claws in order to enjoy with the edge of a sandstone cliff, and work out herself a property around which is labeled as Black Annis’s Bower. The fresh legend triggered parents warning their children you to definitely Black colored Annis create hook him or her once they failed to behave.


Cassandra was an effective witch just who sits on Witches Council. She prospects a good coven that fits into the Witch Slope to possess Halloween party ceremonies.

Cassandra directs Paula, a hit Witch, after Paul Thurston and make their lifetime unhappy as the the guy mocked witches towards the his television show. She forbids Minerva to inform Tabitha concerning plan. When Minerva leaks the news headlines so you’re able to Tabitha, Cassandra puts a spell to the Minerva’s tastebuds in order for what you she eats tastes horrible.

After, she announces that Witches Council has stopped their legislation facing mixed marriages. She produces a love potion so Tabitha and you may Paul usually slide crazy and you can get married, in the end, she really works the marriage service to possess Dr. Bombay and his awesome mortal nursing assistant Gloria alternatively.


Ceridwen or Cerridwen ( Ke-RID-wen) is an enthusiastic enchantress during the Welsh medieval legend. She was the caretaker away from good hideous boy, Morfran, and a lovely girl, Creirwy. Their partner are Tegid Foel and so they stayed close Bala River (Llyn Tegid) inside north Wales. Gothic Welsh poetry describes their due to the fact having the newest cauldron regarding poetic motivation (Awen) and Story of Taliesin recounts her swallowing the woman slave Gwion Bach who is following reborn due to this lady as the poet Taliesin. Ceridwen is considered by many people progressive pagans while the Celtic deity out-of revival, transformation, and you may determination.


Circe ( was an enthusiastic enchantress and you can a minor goddess within the Greek mythology. She’s possibly a girl of your own goodness Helios therefore the Oceanid nymph Perse and/or deity Hecate and you may Aeetes. Circe is celebrated on her vast expertise in potions and you can plant life. By applying these and you can a magic rod otherwise professionals, she would alter the girl opponents, or people that offended this lady, with the pets.

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