Next, Half dozen appeared willing to utilize your out-of today towards the

It absolutely was initial thought that Mono is another affair for Six, when he considering his assist, though she denied in the beginning. The newest girl’s depend on when you look at the Mono began to expand immediately following the guy protected the woman out-of bullies, and you will accepts his help when he offers to let the woman get back on her feet. The brand new heroine extremely did actually show genuine concern and you will mercy having Mono as the she constantly brings your outside of the transmission he uses to view the brand new hall. After the guy accidentally frees Narrow Son and you may she drags your off again, then seems worried when Mono will not disperse to start with, and you may is located at having your prior to the guy compares. She along with encourages Mono to escape once they see Thin Man means him or her through the Television, ignoring the woman intuition to keep close to him. not, towards the end of one’s online game, when Half a dozen caught Mono mid-diving throughout their getting away from brand new Black Tower, unlike selecting your up, she allows Mono slip and you can will leave him to have deceased. Which event may indicate one Six is just using Mono just like the ways to a finish, given that she doesn’t share one compassion otherwise horror afterwards; not, there is certainly one more reason on her behalf betrayal.

Within her distorted mode, Six is very protective of their music package and you may very first maybe not hostile towards the Mono, which is, until he damages the lady sounds package with a good mallet which seem to angers this lady

Upcoming, Six chases Mono and will assault him in the event the the guy will get too close, anywhere near this lady tunes container, or if he calls in order to the woman.

Regarding online game in Little Nightmares II, Half a dozen displays savage inclinations once Mono freed the girl in the College or university. This is viewed because of the Half a dozen eliminating an effective Bully together uncovered hands, cracking some mannequin fingertips, exhibiting no guilt into Doctor and you may rather in search of particular love of the flame one to burns your, and throwing an excellent Viewer’s muscles. She in addition to tends to make utilization of the ecosystem when bored stiff. Since oftentimes when Mono is not doing some thing, Half a dozen commonly possibly goof to in your community she actually is from inside the. Half a dozen as well as generally seems to monitor self-awareness on game, exhibiting one to she herself knows that she is perhaps not a nice individual.

Despite the woman visible indifference and you may creature-for example appetite, Half a dozen screens a more impressive range out-of cleverness and you may slyness, becoming smart enough to evade and/or mask of the woman pursuers aided by the lady lower size. She’s a fluent mystery solver. She apparently places things in the keys she would not arrive at generally speaking, such as for instance; and by the end of Little Nightmares, incapacitates this lady using an echo, that have somehow deduced the new fatigue regarding the smashed decorative mirrors doing the lady life home. Immediately following eliminating their and you will absorbing the lady powers, however, Half a dozen its begins to surpass the latest game’s label.


Six, despite the lady age, is pretty small and you will nimble. The woman is a talented climber and certainly will focus on for extended attacks of your energy, due to hence she seems to escape from opponents. If it’s necessary for Half dozen to engage a key you to is too large, or if perhaps she should distract the latest adversary, the brand new heroine can pick right up people object and you will toss they which have the required force. Since additional technicians, Six spends a less heavy to help you light up locations where are difficult in order to get in this new black. If one is present Half dozen normally white the new nearest lantern or candle, that is enough to always light up a portion of the terrain.

Half dozen is actually proven to be alternatively good when you look at the Absolutely nothing Nightmares II, to be able to eliminate a great Bully with just her give, tear off panels where Mono are incapable of and you will hold signed higher material gates that have monsters behind them, she actually is and rather smaller, with ease outrunning Mono whenever able to as well as have bouncing much farther than your, but so you can her drawback, this lady energy is actually worse than just their while the she has a tendency to get tired and decrease whenever powering for a long time of your energy.

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